Aegis is uniquely positioned to support social distancing with our over 5,000 square foot facility and 7 private treatment rooms. Our patients know how clean Aegis was before COVID-19, and we are committed to having the cleanest facility so you can feel comfortable knowing we are available for you and the community. Our longstanding philosophy of one on one provider to patient ratio also bodes well in these new times and you will only be working with one person during your visit to Aegis.

  • Aegis is doing enhanced cleanings using EPA approved cleaners.
  • Aegis is doing extra cleaning on commonly touched areas – door knobs, light switches, bathrooms, chairs, pens, etc.
  • Aegis is cleaning equipment (therabands, weights, foam rollers and machines) after each use.

Patients will be prescreened and asked to reschedule if they are ill, have a cough, pink eye, a fever, are a caregiver or living with someone who is ill or may have been exposed or has been exposed themselves to COVID-19.

At this time, out of an abundance of caution, Aegis is only allowing patients to enter the office. Parents, friends and other family members will not be allowed into the office.  Young children that are patients can be accompanied by a parent with prior approval.

Patients will have their temperature taken, wash their hands and then go directly to a treatment room. We will no longer be using the waiting room. Please stay in your car until your scheduled appointment time.

We are asking patients not to bring food/drink into our clinic as we don’t want their hands going to their mouth during treatment time. Please eat and drink before you arrive for your appointment.

We will continue Telehealth appointments Monday through Friday for any patient who does not feel comfortable being treated in the office environment. We can deliver a lot of information through Telehealth and can help you with an exercise program, activities of daily living, or a progression of your program.

Our staff members will only come to work if they are feeling healthy and are having their temperature taken when they enter the office on a daily basis. Staff are adhering to social distancing standards within the office and wearing masks when social distancing is not possible.


  • Safety Protocols

    Staff will wash hands upon entering the building. They will take their temperature and record it. They will only stay at the office if their temperature is over 100.3 degrees. They will make sure the office is clean. Staff will be wearing masks throughout the day when social distancing can not be maintained. Staff will be wearing masks throughout patient visits.

    If possible, staff should open the door and let the patient in. Staff will record patient temperature and note it in their chart. If a patient has a fever, staff should reschedule the appointment and instruct them to contact their PCP.

    If the patient does not have a fever, the patient will be instructed to wash their hands with our new automatic soap dispenser and faucet. Staff will escort the patient to their treatment room. We will not be using the waiting room.

    Windows will be opened to ensure good airflow whenever possible. Also doors to treatment rooms will be kept opened whenever possible to secure air flow.

    Staff will maintain safe social distancing during initial evaluations and when taking the patient’s subjective to limit exposure. All materials will be left in the treatment room that were used during treatment inside the treatment room to limit cross contamination.

    When treatment is concluded, staff will schedule and collect copays( if needed)  inside the treatment room. Patients will be escorted to the sink to wash their hands again before exiting the building.

    Once treatment has concluded staff will collect and clean all equipment used by patients and spray with Lysol. Equipment should be left wet for 3 minutes, then return equipment where it belongs. Staff will then complete patient treatment notes and put items away in office.

    Social distancing should be employed whenever possible. Masks must be worn at the office when within 6 feet of another person.
    Staff will self monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID 19 if they suspect possible exposure.

    Staff will be assigned an office phone that they will use the entire time at the office for the day. They will spray it with Lysol at the end of their work day. Other employees should not use their phone.

    Employees will use pens and keep them with them. Pens will be sprayed at the end of the workday with Lysol.

    Employees will use their own computers for scheduling, billing and to check email as well as contact insurance companies.

  • Patient Protocols

    Patient is cleared via phone call screening to not to have symptoms or be in contact with someone who may have COVID 19 and be in Massachusetts for the last 14 days.

    ●     Patients will be instructed to review our policies/FAQ for COVID 19 online and to wear a mask at the office.

    ●     Patients will also be instructed to call and cancel if anything changes with their health or contacts before the appointment.

    ●     Patients should stay in their car until their scheduled appointment time.

    ●     At appointment time, the patient should don a mask and go to the front entrance where the patient will be met by a staff member. NOTE: mask to be worn the entire time while in the building.

    ●     Temperature is taken when a patient enters the building. Any patient with a fever (over 100.3 degrees) will be asked to reschedule.

    ●     Patients will wash hands with soap for 20 seconds at the sink in the entranceway to the office. Proper handwashing signs will be up.

    ●     Patients will be reminded to keep social distance whenever possible during treatment.

    ●     Patients are not allowed to bring food or drink is allowed into the building

    ●     Family and friends will not be allowed to come to appointments/ be in the treatment room nor wait in the waiting room. They are not allowed in the building at this time.

    ●     If a patient does cough or sneeze, we will ask them to use respiratory etiquette. Signs will be up regarding this. Patients should throw their own tissue into the trash.

    ●     All appts and copays will be taken on the primary therapists computer in the treatment room..

    ●     Patients will be asked to wash hands when leaving the building.

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