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Heather Barstow


Heather Barstow, PTA, MT is a native of Hadley, and a double graduate of Springfield Technical Community College. She received an Associate’s degree from the Physical Therapist Assistant program in May of 2019, and an Associate’s degree in Health Science and Myofascial Therapy in 2010. Heather spent 5 years teaching deep tissue massage techniques and operating the student clinic at STCC until they closed the program in 2015. She has 10 years of experience running her massage and bodywork practice. She has extensive manual therapy skills and a special interest in Myofascial Release technique. It was working with the fascia of all different body types that lead her to discover the unique connection between pain and weakness or injury.  It was this discovery that lead her to continue her education into a profession that honors both physical conditioning as well as bodywork. Heather is a professional member of both the American Physical Therapy Association as well as the American Massage Therapy Association. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new foods, traveling, boating, and hiking with her husband and their dog Klaus.

Heather Barstow

- PTA, Springfield Technical Community College

- Health Science & Myofascial Therapy, Springfield Technical Community College

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