Patient Testimonials

  • I injured my hip two weeks before a half marathon that I’d spent months preparing for. Lisa was incredibly helpful. She worked me into her schedule four times in six days to give me treatment and got my injury relieved enough so that I could race on it. I really recommend her and Aegis.


  • I will never go anywhere else for PT. I have gone to Aegis 3 times for different injuries, and they have always surpassed my expectations. Lisa and her staff are knowledgeable, caring and friendly. Highly recommended.

    Stacy G.

  • Seriously the best physical therapists in the valley. Genuinely care about your health and progress. I spent two years recovering from multiple surgeries and I only recovered as well as I did because of the lovely staff at Aegis.

    Rafeal D.

  • Wonderful therapists and assistants. Very professional, good listeners, and really know their stuff!

    Michaeline B.

  • I came in with bad pain in my lower back, bursitis in my hip AND a pelvis that was out of alignment. After a consult and adjustment by Dr. Liz Ringrose, I had maybe 4-6 weeks if PT with Maurice, and form the beginning noticed improvement. He zeroed right in on the sources of my pain and worked to relieve spasms, exercise core muscles, and gradually strengthen various muscle groups. Maurice is personable, knowledgeable, and really gave me all the info and tools I needed. He specifically tailored weekly exercises to help me progress my endurance and strength. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful.

    Jennifer W.

  • I have received PT services on 2 separate occasions for Achilles tendonitis and a calf strain. On both of these instances staff were able to give me my first appointment within a few days! As a runner who is eager to return to training this was extremely important. All the staff that i worked with were very knowledgeable about my sports injuries. My treatment was well coordinated with my Physical therapists and only as rigorous as was appropriate. By this i mean that they assigned me rehab exercises that would help me regain my strength and flexibility without getting re-injured. Thanks for getting me back to the sport I love! My husband and daughter have both received PT for different sports injuries with excellent results. Thanks Aegis PT!

    Dana P.

  • Staff is very friendly and welcoming. Very experienced and knowledgeable in all categories of physical therapy.

    Aidan M.

  • I have always loved this place, this is my third time coming here for treatment and each time is better than the last. The facilities are cool, clean, fun, and are clearly geared towards athletics. All the specialists are knowledgeable, friendly, and really care about their patient’s recovery. Maurice is a great guy, he’ll teach you all the important stuff in life while showing you how to heal yourself. I have come here hurt and frustrated three times and three times I have left feeling whole again. Thank you Maurice, thank you Ginger, thank you Aegis

    Peter T.

  • I was suffering from some pretty severe Achilles tendinitis in both feet. Graston method of PT was prescribed by the orthopedic doctor. I saw both Lisa and Ginger for treatment. They were great, easy to communicate with and listened to what I had to say about my condition each time. Very knowledgeable. They then adjusted the physical therapy each time to address the presenting issues. The added exercises and preset techniques to help relieve the symptoms. For about three months I drove over an hour to work them. The results were great, one foot almost complete relief the other foot about 80% relief.
    Very pleased

    Ellen M.

  • In January I tore my ACL and sprained my LCL. All the physical therapists worked with me and continually encouraged me allowing a full recovery of my LCL prior to my surgery. It is now May and I am 6 weeks post op and getting stronger by the day. I owe it to the extremely knowledgeable staff here. No matter who I see here, they all work me and push me. Not only are they good at their job, but they’re extremely friendly making the rehab an enjoyable experience. I feel like they are all rooting for me here and I will definitely recommend them to anyone I know who has the misfortune of becoming injured like myself. thank you , Aegis.

    Lindsay C.

  • Aegis is such a family-oriented business that I would recommend anyone to! My teenage daughter was injured at the beginning of her basketball season and as a mom, knowing how devastated she was, my first thought was to call Aegis and talk to Lisa. I called and left a message for Lisa who was not in the office at the time. She returned my call very quickly and actually had us come to her home so she could assess my daughter’s leg. She gave us positive feedback and actual hope that she could get rehabilitated and back on the court before her season was over. She and Ginger worked on her two to three times a week…and as Lisa thought, she was able to play the second half of the season!! We owe them so much!

    Traecie S.

  • Everyone is always very friendly. Patient care is always their first priority. I would go back if I ever needed further care since the service was so excellent.

    Carolyn W.

  • Lisa and Ginger provide excellent care! From assessment to follow up, Aegis is professional and accommodating. I found my experience to be very positive and my results were excellent. When professionals listen and help patients to problem solve, you keep them and recommend them to others.

    Kara K.

  • I have been coming to Aegis for almost 3 months for PT for plantar fasciitis. The pain was excruciating so a friend, who had been here for something else, suggested I try it. I’ve been here 2-3 times a week since I began. The pain level had decreased dramatically. All the staff members were terrific- knowledgeable and patient. My first Physical Therapist was Maurice and I saw him more than others. He is great as well as Sue, Ginger and Lisa. I am thrilled to be feeling so much better and I’ve already recommended Aegis to a number of people.

    Sonia N.

  • I love this practice. My daughter first came to Aegis to deal with a virtually immobile shoulder-she is now moving towards her Black Belt in martial arts. I came to address pain and lack of mobility in my shoulder- 10 sessions later it feels better than it has in years. Definitely my PT practice of choice.

    Ted T.

  • Every single person at Aegis Physical Therapy cares about you and your recovery. They are knowledgeable, personable, and diligent about ensuring that their program meets your needs. After tearing my ACL and meniscus and having my first major surgery I was terrified about how I would recover- the staff at Aegis were there for me every step of the way. I highly recommend Aegis Physical Therapy.

    Gillian S.