HyperVolt Massage

The Hypervolt is quickly becoming a favorite at Aegis. The Hypervolt is one of the most revered deep tissue massage devices today.The Hypervolt comes with 4 interchangeable heads (the fork, the bullet, the flat, and the round), making it easy to customize your recovery to work any specific region of the body.

The Hypervolt opens up more options than a standard foam roller or other static mobility tool. This device helps relax sore stiff muscles, increases circulation and range of motion, improves overall health of the body’s soft tissue, and reduces injury risks down the road. It has 3 levels pulsing at either 2000, 2600 or 3200 pulses per minute. It is fast and very quiet. This device can be used on any patient at any level of discomfort or pain.

This tool will leave you feeling better than when you walked through the door. Contact Aegis Chiropractic & Physical Therapy with our Physical Therapist for an appointment to schedule your Hypervolt treatment today.