Work Conditioning Yoga Hadley, MA

Work Conditioning

A post-acute, work-related, intensive, goal-oriented treatment program specifically designed to restore an individual’s systemic, neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary functions.

Most often performed by a single discipline – Physical Therapy Two (2) to four (4) hours per day Most often 5 times per week of treatment Strengthening, conditioning, and job/ work simulation components

Prepare the injured worker for return to work, job search or job retraining by providing an intensive, active, rehabilitation program that addresses the worker’s physical needs

Maximize Patient’s Physical and Functional Abilities to Return to Work Work Relevant, Intensive, Goal Oriented Program Designed to Restore Work Performance Emphasize Active Management Techniques through Work Simulation and Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning Entry Criteria

Medically stable –Non-related medical problem(s) stabilized. No longer in the acute phase of therapy. Has a RTW goal. Stated or demonstrated willingness to participate. Systemic, neuro-musculoskeletal physical and functional deficits impacting work. Referral from a physician. Not working full duty.

When is Work Conditioning Appropriate?

When the worker may have reached a plateau from traditional outpatient therapy, but continues to have difficulties with the physical demands that are required for work. When unable to progress beyond a light or modified duty work assignment. When unable to meet the full duty work demands.

Treating physician may recommend work conditioning if the injured worker has reached maximum benefit from acute outpatient therapy Treating physician may refer the patient directly Case manager or adjustor can refer the worker to a clinic, provided that a physician write a medical prescription for the service

Program Components of Work Conditioning Orientation Specific Flexibility Program Strengthening Program Cardiovascular Conditioning Therapeutic Activities Functional Job Simulation Activities Education/Body Mechanics/Ergonomics Training

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