Aegis Physical Therapy has some great take-home products for you to use home. With these great products, you can continue your wellness journey and recovery from pain or injury after your treatment with our team.


We are partnered with Hyperice as a retailer of their amazing products. We are now able to sell their lovely items to you directly from our office. That means anyone who has enjoyed their amazing products, such as the Hypervolt, can be purchased and picked up- straight from our office. Note: We keep a limited inventory of this recovery gear in the clinic.

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 Metagenics gives you the ability to prevent and treat disease with nutrition. Metagenics is a leader in the scientific discovery of nutritional supplements. They have practitioner-grade formulas and we love the stringent ingredient sourcing and in house and third party testing on every lot of supplement. At Aegis, we are skeptics by nature but Metagenics is the real deal. For more information on Metagenics, CLICK HERE!

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Designs For Health

Even the staff at Aegis works hard to constantly balance our physical activity and food intake. We know that having less body mass and not being overweight is important for many facets of your health. It is super important for joint health. If you have arthritis pain, losing weight and getting fit is an excellent first line of defense in battling arthritis.

To help with these goals, our team uses Designs for Health to help manage and maintain weight. We use them ourselves and for our families and have been very happy with the products. For more information on Designs for Health, CLICK HERE!

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